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Our village Giethoorn, receives 1 million visitors a year. Did you know that more than 80% of these visitors come to Giethoorn to sail in a boat through our beautiful village. In order to meet this demand, we rent out with our boat rental company, 65 different boats for which no license is required. For renting a boat or a cruise through our village with skipper you have come to the right place.

Giethoorn boat rental

These boats are for rent in Giethoorn

4-person whisperboat

Bootje huren in Giethoorn

Prices starting from:

  • €   39,50 - 1.5 hour sailing

5-person sloop

Boat rental in Giethoorn

Prices starting from:

  • €   70,00 - 2 hours sailing

6-person whisperboat

Fluisterboot voor 8 personen

Prices starting from:

  • €   49,00 - 1.5 hours sailing

4 person boat

4 persoons sloep huren

Prices starting from:

  • €   57,50 - 1,5 hours sailing

8 person boat

Sloep huren 8 personen Giethoorn

Prices starting from:

  • €   79,95 - 2 hours sailing

6 person luxury boat

Luxury boat for 6 persons for rent in Giethoorn

Prices starting from:

  • €   72,95 - 1,5 hour sailing

About our boatrental in Giethoorn:

Rent a boat in Giethoorn

Giethoorn boat rental
Rent a boat in Giethoorn is a boat rental company, which is located at Kerkweg 35 in Giethoorn. This boat rental company is located near the village center of Giethoorn. As a boat rental company, we have luxury, comfort and sustainability at number 1. That is precisely why we only offer electric whisper boats and sloops for rent. Our luxury sloops and whisper boats can be rented at an affordable and fair price. If you want to make sure that you’ll have a boat, you can always hire a boat in advance, to ensure a boat is reserved for you.

About originated from a tour operator that transported buses with tourists from Amsterdam to Giethoorn on a daily basis. Due to the corona pandemic, we were forced to look for an alternative source of income, which is why we now rent out boats in Giethoorn.

Check-in on location

Even without a reservation you can rent a boat with us. Please call in advance if we still have a boat available. You can pay on the spot with:

  • Bank card (pin)
  • Cash
  • Tourist office vouchers

If you want the certainty that a sloop or whisper boat is waiting for you, you can reserve one with us. Our boats can be booked via

Opening hours

The boat rental is open from:

  • 09:00 to 21:00 (July-August)
  • 09:00 to 18:00 (April-June)
  • 10:00 to 16:00 (Low season)

Kerkweg 35 8355 BJ Giethoorn

What services we offer in Giethoorn:

Which boats for rent in Giethoorn?

boat rental Giethoorn
Giethoorn Boat rental

We offer 5 types of boats for rent in Giethoorn:

  • 4 person whisper boat
  • 6 person whisper boat
  • 4-5 person sloop
  • 8 person sloop
  • 12 person sloop (max persons allowed by law)

All our electric boats have soft cushions. All our boats have a steering wheel. No license is required to drive these boats. In addition, you can hire a private skipper through us to drive your boat.

Giethoorn Canal Cruise

You can also let yourself be sailed around by us. In a covered tour boat or a 12 person sloop, weather permitting, we will sail you through the famous village canal of Giethoorn. The skippers of Giethorn tell during such a cruise, everything about the history of our village.

Reserving a boat

If you want to make sure you definitely have a boat, you can hire a boat in advance at For availability you can also reach us at 06-33399923

  • 06-33399923

Free services

Sailing route Giethoorn (map)

Giethoorn boat rental
Sailing map Giethoorn

Boat rental Giethorn offers you a sailing chart, with the suggested sailing route of Giethoorn center and surroundings, to ensure that you see everything during your visit. You are not obliged to follow this route. Keep in mind that in some places one-way traffic is set up to promote the flow of the boats.

Giethoorn parking

You can park your car next to the boat rental at Kerkweg 35 at a Giethoorn parking and is free of charge.

Kerkweg 35 8355 BJ Giethoorn

Giethoorn boat tour with private guide

Are you looking for a maximum experience of Giethoorn? Still rent a boat in Giethoorn but can't or don't want to sail yourself? Then let yourself be accompanied by a local Private captain/guide. These guides will show you all the highlights and hidden treasures of Giethoorn. You will see places in Giethoorn that 95% of the visitors will not see. Traffic jams are also a thing of the past. We can also be hired for:

  • Bachelor parties
  • Team building
  • School trips

Giethorn guide

Private guide in Giethoorn
Private boat tour in Giethoorn, this is a private tour guide company with many years of experience in guiding tourists in the Netherlands. The private guides of this company are specialized in guiding foreign tourists. The guiding of  tourists through (among others) Giethoorn village is possible by boat ,bike or foot. They even guide their customers through the narrow canals of Giethoorn in their old Dutch sloop.

What kind of boats do we sail in?
  • Interboot 21 (8 persons max)
  • Van Vossen sloop (12 persons max)
  • Canal boat (covered) (44 persons max)
Parking Giethoorn

You can park your car next to the boat rental company Giethoorn boat rental and chaletpark Resort Venetië at the Kerkweg 35 in Giethoorn. Parking is free there. The private tours start from there.

Opening hours

The boat rental is open from:

  • 09:00 to 21:00 (July-August)
  • 09:00 to 18:00 (April-June)
  • 10:00 to 16:00 (Low season)

Kerkweg 35 8355 BJ Giethoorn

The options for a private cruise in Giethoorn:

Interboat 21 for 6 persons

Sloep huren Giethoorn 12 personen

Price per boat from:

  • € 125,00 -  1 hour sailing with own captain
  • € 175,00 - 2 hour sailing with own captain

Sloep for 12 persons

Giethoorn private boat tour

Price per boat from:

  • € 175,00 -  1 hour sailing with own captain
  • € 260,00 - 2 hour sailing with own captain

Canal cruise for max 44 persons

Rondvaart door Giethoorn

Price per person from:

  • €  12,50 -  1 hour sailing with skipper
  • €  15,50 - 2 hour sailing with skipper